Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Death of Bobby Kent

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Bobby Kent was born in Iran on 1973. He was brutally murdered at his age 19 on Jul. 14, 1993 Fort Lauderdale , Broward County , Florida, USA . Victim of murder. It pled dominated its pars in their community of Fort Lauderdale of the middle-class by the psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. One day of summers, he was deluded at the edge of the marshes with the promise with the sex and drugs, then was killed in odd and the brutal act of the vengence carried out by seven of its college aquaintences understood there his best perpetual friend the history is known as in the despotic book and the 2001 of cinema of the same name.

Childhood and years of teenager

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Bobby Kent was, by many accounts, a popular and sporting boy. It gained an average of point of decent category at the school and played of the sports. His parents, Fred and Farah Kent, had aspirations raised for him; Fred was independent as a stockbroker, and had plans to place his son in the past running to the top his own businesses which it received a diploma of the university. Kent, which was enthusiastic a stereophony of avid car and had its own system of sound of vehicle which was worth several thousand dollars, had indicated his father who was the type of businesses it would like to enter.

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According to Tim Donnelley, which judged all the conspirators for his murder, an agent described like Kent very Eddie Haskell like. The adults saw it one-way (polish and charming) while the children saw it a completely different manner.

Kent and Puccio had known themselves since the third category, had lived on the same block in the county of Broward since then, and were good friends like adults. The disagreement, however, existed between the two. Puccio felt will and hatred towards Kent because Kent would intimidate it and would strike. The two whole of parents was circumspect friendship as well. Puccio 's parents, Sr of Martin. and the Veronica, were careful because Marty is often turned over to be with Kent with contusions or bleeding. Fred Kent thought of restive Puccio as a slacker which did not have any future (Puccio was a reference of college) and felt that the friendship with his son would destroy the future where it helped it to establish. The two boys were avid users steroids who, according to testimonial accounts, contributed significantly to Kent with 's erratic, aggressive behavior.

Kent and Puccio had also excavated in making homosexual films of pornography in the hopes which they could sell them with the local stores to earn additional money. Neither Kent nor Puccio really took part in these films, but rather pled directed them and Lawrence cajol or forced Shafer, a man of Florida in his 40 early 's, to carry out on the camera. Kent tried to hawk film, have right the rough boys, with the stores of pornography through Florida of the south. However, none upwards took it on the offer due to audio quality and visual the poor as well as lack of any sexual activity in film beyond the nudity of dance of Shafer and play with a dildo.

The Brutal Murder

During a few weeks before its death, Kent dated Alice that Jean massacre, better friend of the friend of Puccio, LISA Connelly. Massacre isolated with hisr parents in the compartment of palm, Florida, and you are broken upwards with Kent after forced pled Kent massacre to observe a graphic homosexual film of pornography while it had the approximate sex with her. Kent supposedly indicated that it was going to assassinate it and choke its baby unless she it is gone back to the county of Broward up to now. Massacre turned over and she and Connelly invented a plan to kill Kent. The girls obtained a gun (Connelly 'mother of S 'gun of S that LISA flew of it for this night) and deluded Kent with a well with rock in Western Broward, but supported at the last minute.

The plan was so that massacre allure Kent and for start to have the sex by him. While this occurred, Connelly would leave furtively upwards behind Kent and would draw it. Connelly pled later indicated that it did not draw Kent because the police force can trace fragments of ball to the gun which they in the beginning came from.

The next day, July 15, 1993, a broader circle of the friends conspired to kill Kent, including Derek lately recruited Kaufman, that the group understood by friends was a chief of troop and a hitman of Maffia. Before meeting the group, Kaufman did not have any association with Kent, Puccio or any other member. The group still deluded Kent with the well with rock in a sector little developed in the Western county of Broward, Florida (then with the parts to be developed like subdivision), which is now the vicinity of Weston.

Puccio had indicated that Kent that they went to the racing racing cars (specifically massacre 'mustang high power of S 5.0 Ford) and that massacre wanted to have the sex with him still. That night, in spite to rise the heat and the moisture of summer of Florida, Puccio was equipped out of black jeans and trenchcoat black with a bandana red attache around his head. According to massacre, Marty left (of the house of his) resembling Rambo.

Formerly around midnight, downwards massacre Kent carried out starting from the group by a channel which ran upwards against the sector. Heather Swallers then was charged by Derek Kaufman joining them and with appearing outside if Kent suspectait anything. If it felt it didn 't, Kaufman said to him to require Kent if there were alligators in the channel. Once it did that, the murder would begin. Swallers required Kent if the channel had alligators and Kent stated to him ironically that it should go thin plunging and discover for itself.

Almost just after, Donny Semenec charged Kent and stabbed it by behind in its neck. Kent whirled around and required in Puccio for the assistance. Puccio then stabbed him in the abdomen, and when Kent tried to be run away, Semenec, Kaufman, and Puccio approached it and stabbed it and beat. Several times during the murder, Kent requested Puccio for pity, indicating his/her friend I 'm sorry! Marty, that I made, I 'm sorry! , but Puccio continuation. While Kent was downwards, Puccio cut its throat and struck its head against the ground thus hard it broke a vertebra in Kent 'neck of S.

Kaufman delivered the final blow with a beater of baseball weighed to the head. Kent 'bodies of S were then emptied in a channel; however, there are contradictory reports/ratios above which did it, Kaufman and Derek Dzvirko (LISA 'cousin of S which was also length) or Kaufman and Puccio.

Dzvirko was also the person who led revealing Frank Illaraza of the sheriff of Broward of 'office of S to Kent 'with body of S a few days later.

Book and film

The murder had as consequence the best selling the true book of crime in 1998, despotic: A true story of the revenge on college (ISBN 0-380-72333-6) written by Jim Schutze. The book was adapted by Long Zachary (a pseudonym employed by David McKenna after it required its named either removed film ) and Roger Pullis in 2001 film, despot. The history was also covered during special of crime of television of A&E.

In film, Puccio was depicts by Brad Renfro, Kent was depicts by Nick Stahl, massacre was depicts by Bijou Philips, Connelly was depicts by Rachel Miner, Semenec was depicts by Michael Pitt, Swallers was depicts by Kelli Garner, Dzvirko was depicts by Daniel Franzese, and Kaufman was depicts by Lion Fitzpatrick.


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Gary said...

He might be alive if he had taken some Generic Viagra , which is said that helps people, but I still do not get which way

shawntel said...

i hope that marty gets out of prisn soon and gets to live his life back bcuz i think he deserves it.

♥ Halibel - Da - Barbie ♥ said...

Man, whoever wrote this article needs to step their grammer and punctuation game up. It was written so poorly, it was hard to read. Smh. (-_-)

whats in name ! said...

I think Bobby was wrong. I am not talking about his homosexuality but his being really a 'bully' towards his friends. Everyone can do whatever he/she want to but has no right to force it on others. His friends obviously got angry and killed him in the fit of rage. all were teens. All were bugged by bobby. So, his murder was nothing brutal or unjust kind of stuff. Rather it was a punishment ,though not legal, given to A BULLY.
In My opinion he DESERVED that.

prtntvgrl said...

I think everyone on here is full of
crap and are inhumane and have no respect at all, no matter what a person does they still are human. If anything about these young murderers story was true it should have been taken to the police but it wasn't and alls left is stories true or untrue it's only one sided and we'll never know the truth. I believe it was drugs and sick jelouse kids killed a life and didn't care about anything! THEY ARE MURDERERS AND KILLERS!!! PERIOD

prtntvgrl said...

He may have been a Bully but whats worse a "Murderer" or a "Bully"!
I think that all of these kids all deserved to serve life in prison for taking a life, they did not hurt him beat him up...... took a child from another parent.... but I do believe in Karma in some way these people will suffer in their own way. :)

Momma03 said...

Why, hasn't anyone responded back before me that "no one deserves what Bobby got as a punishment for being a bully? and the killers deserved what they got?"

For one being bullied is not cool and if the killers thought through their plan correct in anyway shape or form during their "planning phase" they would of known that small truthful realization... they had the option to simply stop being Bobbys friend (meaning leave him alone)-- but did they? NO they chose the bloody way out and dumb--- so why are you people saying Bobby deserved what he got? Did anyone see how he died? all he did was bully he didn't kill them or force them to be his friend(no one can do that)you people are making Bobby seem like Houdini.

In closing who can honestly say if you allow someone like a friend boyfriend or whoever to beat on you or whatever the one doing the beating is the only one in the wrong?

Bobbys best friend had options to make him stop that's why he got life he had control he just didn't use it.

and to the responder "Shawntel" your stupid

beerad said...

Bobby kent displayed classic behaviors of much more serious behaviors to come. He enjoyed inflicting pain and dominating people. Had he gone on he could have become a much more serious problem and would have almost certainly hurt others. Behaviors like rape, physical abuse and drug abuse only escalate with age they do not go away. He should have been dealt with by authorities properly but the sad truth is he would have never gotten better. This situation, sad as it is, may have saved lives.

ilbreeze said...

I think it's pretty clear that this tory isn't over with, not until it becomes 100% obvious about what the true motives behind his murder. Obviously, both Marty and Bobby were closeted homosexuals, which was probably the cause of all of Bobby's alleged bullying and rage and abuse- he probably slept with his best friend who he had feelings for, and then beat him and lashed out at anyone he thought he couldn't charm into believing he was an all american straight man. Marty may have become tired of the fasad and the abuse, combined with his passive and secretive nature that would have led to a build up of anger and fear and love and hatred, which spilled over into the murder of Bobby Kent, though I can't imagine Lisa was too keen about sharing her boyfriend and soon to be baby daddy with Bobby-assuming she figured it out(which she probably did). But, we may never know the truth, because the conviction of some men can cause them to carry some things to the grave, especially when it is in regards to their sexuality. But, none of that excuses murder, nor does it justify it. We aren't god, and even hamarai's code speaks of an eye for an eye. They had no right to kill Bobby, and i personally think those who barely knew him but still participated should have gotten the worst sentece-after all, they were willing to kill a man for no reason.

Olive said...

None of these kids were in college. In fact, none of them were even in high school anymore, except for Bobby.

Ben Johnson said...

I was the biggest kid in class of 1989 and I know what it's like to be ACCUSED of taking steroids. The victim in this film will NEVER be able to tell his side of the story.

Danielle K said...

I went to school with bobby,I know their is more to the story
then him just bullying.Because
Bobby was like the class clowned
Always joking around.I didnt
see him as a bully.So the people
that killed him I know deserve
to be where there at.And I hope
There dont get out.There is no
Reason to takes someones life.


I have no sympathy for bobby kent. He raped and beat females he wjust pkain evil. I think if the trial took place today the outcome would be very different I believe. The only thing that I wonder about is why marty didn't move away. I heard that Bobby Kent said to marty that if he tried to move away that he would have killed marty, also that marty tried to get help from the police and they said there was nothing that could be done. If those 2 things are true then marty and the other 2 guys should be released immediately.